Soft and Virtual Touch

by Fullbloods

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released April 3, 2020

All songs written/performed/recorded/mixed by Ross Brown (℗© 2019 Bargain Hunt Music / ASCAP) in Kansas City, MO. Mastered by Mike Nolte at Eureka Mastering. Artwork by Nika Winn.

Kyle Rausch played drums on 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 9, sang on 9. Bill Pollock Played drums on 3 and 5. David Seume played bass on 5. Jerad Tomasino played synth on 9 and 10, sang on 9. Jenni Kornfeld played cello on 4. Leslie Butsch played sax on 10.


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Fullbloods Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Soft and Virtual Touch
Bringing something up
Takes a lot of guts
To be honest in the face of
Those who likely will replace you

Say just what you mean
Safe behind a screen
Do you take the risk of hearing
Deeper echoes reappearing
Or instead broadcast signals where they stand no chance of coming back to you?

Send that soft & virtual touch
Keep that fragile confidence up
Track Name: Something to Remember You By
Halfway in
I know you're joking
We can all have a laugh before the punchline’s thrown

It begins
The doors are open
And now there's a crowd that you can call your own

Wear a crooked nose
or a twitching eye
Hoping there is something I can notice to remember you by
If you'd like to know
I would like to try
Hoping there is something I can notice to remember you by

Almost done
Now you're saying
There's a chance I could take your wonderful damage home

There it went
It's impossible to know
How much time was spent
Once I see you go
Track Name: Divvy Up
No surprise they laid out on the grass
Enjoyed what was left of the sun
Would be great to take a shot of that
So you’d know where it came from

But the spectrum shifted out of day
Disguising the subject from you
From the brightest pink to bluest grey
Before you would move

And once again
Retire to the comfort of holding everything
In your hand

It’s time to divvy up, man
Now that you want someone of your own
What things you do together
And what you do alone
You try to live it up, man
But it can take more work than you’ve shown
What things you do together
And what you do alone

Since you can’t make time for everyone
wanting a piece of your day
You can simplify the way it’s done
Or try anyway
Track Name: Stand Up For Me Now
Here we have a treaty renowned
Disguised as a hand
Extended to give what it can

It offered a safe place to go
By wrapping itself around the throat and clenching down

Nobody's fighting you
You're acting like you won't stand up for me now
A simple thing to do
I wonder why you won't stand up for me now

Button up and don't make a sound
A whisper could cause
Irreparable damage and loss

Better to keep things quiet
Don't want to be tied to all the new things going down

I don't understand it
There must be something on your mind
I didn't think the things we shared
Were enough to make you want to hide

Can't help thinking you don't see me real enough to recognize
Patterns in the way you treat the feelings of the other guys
Track Name: Worry Entertainment
You paid close attention, It all started making sense
The world's going crazy and there's no saving it

You've read all about it, you'll never be surprised
It'll naturally happen before it is televised
when you

Forget about the things you share with human kind
Worry Entertainment for your idle mind

You've talked the matters over with your friends
They point to what will clearly be the end

The fools that surround you, blind to the evidence,
Are ruled by the shallow pool of their ignorance
Track Name: Wedding Party
Buckle you in so you won’t appear to be
a swig or two short of full liquidity
And here I stand, I’ve got nothing left to plea
You want what you want, and won’t listen to me

I’ve heard about this side of you again and again
but never saw it till today
It’s great that after all this time we’re finally friends
But now you’re pushing me away

Wedding Party
Left you with me

Something we know, but I’m now inclined to say
You’re not in the shape to take yourself away

Get together, celebrate, everyone is here
Time to dance and stay up late, live another year
Reach out to me on your way
Travel safely home
Meet again another day
Now it’s time to go
Track Name: Present by Proxy
Couple of laughs when you’re near me
I try to get them when I can
Still waking up and you hear me
Beginning to question where I am

Could take years to recognize
What could easily be shrugged away

Showing up
Is fine
Met you in person
Had a good time
What a pair we made
Present by proxy
Conscious by trade

Stare at my mind
too busy asking
what about faces in my hand?
Who do I know?
These projections
Exist in the spaces that I can’t

Travel past the moment
Another word escapes the air

Photo for reference
You are touching up the edges
Why does it seem like the paint will never dry?
Careful as always
Set the beat without the measure
And watch it dissolve like a tear in the back of your mind
Track Name: Second Screen
Pinching a penny enough to make it possible
to be inches from many sources of life
Given all the access you could want
to a

Second Screen
Gotta move those eyes
Every fifteen minutes you focus on something that’s not the light
Second screen
And a brain cell dies
Reborn as a single digit that’s no longer a part of your mind

Brightness adjusted
enough to make it comfortable
Selected, now must it
respect what you want?

When all is dark familiar reflections shine through to you
A frame for art created some decades ago
on a
Track Name: Nearer Moment Than Now
Punctured the surface
Made up my mind to ignore it
And watch the future appear
A vision perfectly clear

Hoped I could mention
All my sincerest intentions
If I could just go without
A nearer moment than now

When the burning lights glow
Thanks for bringing me back from wherever I go
I'll be there again, you know...soon
And I'll be with you

What's at the end of this path?
This silence on my behalf
A mist becoming a cloud
A nearer moment than now

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